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Date added: 2022-05-05

Erasmus Students

Erasmus Students

Mathematics on undergraduate level is taught in English in several fields of study:

  • Green Technologies, Faculty of Chemistry
  • Power Engineering (spec. Energy Technologies), Interfaculty studies (Electrical and Control engineering; Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology)
  • Management, Faculty of Management and Economics
  • Data Engineering, Interfaculty studies (Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics; Management and Economics)
  • Mechanical Engineering (spec. Design and Production Engineering), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Architecture, Faculty of Architecture

The contents of subjects, the number of semesters, hours per week, and ects points vary by field. If you need to take a math class you will have to decide which best suits your needs and requirements. Below is a summary of key differences between courses. You can find descriptions of course contents in the ects catalogue.

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